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Xavi speaks about Dembele, Lewandowski, January transfer plans, and the Europa League

The Barcelona manager discussed several topics in an interview with BarçaTV+, including his views on Lewandowski, Ousmane Dembele, and the club’s exit from the UEFA Champions League.


Xavi issues an update on Barcelona’s January transfer plans

Xavi Hernandez has stated that he wants the team to be prudent with additions as the winter transfer window begins in 12 days.

He wants to limit the amount of change at the club during the transfer window, given Barca’s success in the first half of the season. According to MD, Xavi conveyed that he has a lot of faith in the team he now has.

“We’re a family, and I’m content with what I have,” he said. “On the field, you can see that we work out like wolves out of attitude and camaraderie.”

“I’m thrilled with the team. We are in good football shape right now and at a good time. Although it is disappointing that we were eliminated from the Champions League, we have progressed from last year, and the key goal is to compete for titles.”

In a conversation with Mateu Alemany, the club’s director of football, Xavi expressed his desire for the board to consider during the transfer window.

“I warned Mateu not to play too much and assured him I was pleased with the team.”

Xavi confesses that playing in the Europa League makes Barcelona players angry

The manager of Barcelona, Xavi, has revealed that he hates competing in the UEFA Europa League and that his team’s participation in the tournament is a complete letdown.

Barcelona qualified for the Europa League knockout stage after placing third in their UCL group.

They will face Manchester United in the first leg at Camp Nou and the second leg away at Old Trafford.

Speaking about it, Xavi acknowledged that everyone in Barcelona is quite angry just at the idea of participating in the competition.

“We are excited to take on the Europa League. It bothers me that the Champions League song isn’t playing, but that’s how it is. We might need to play more quietly to develop. It irritates us and makes us angry. It’s a major letdown,” he said to BarçaTV+.

“We played Bayern like zombies the day we were eliminated. Even if we make it to the semifinals and hypothetical final, it still aggravates us to be in a contest we don’t want to participate in.”

Despite everything, he continued that he and his team would try to perform well in the competition.

“I hope to win the Europa League and La Liga this year. It would help if you strived to take home every trophy. The burden of proof is on me because our team is so powerful. I like that,” he continued.

Xavi on managing Barcelona and coaching his friends

He said, “Being the Barça coach has been a rollercoaster of emotions,” when questioned about his time as a coach for Barcelona. “You must maintain emotional equilibrium. The supporters have realized that we must maintain the same identity regardless of results.”

In keeping with that, he also acknowledged that, despite claims to the contrary, he is using his experience coaching players like Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets—friends and former teammates—to his professional advantage.

“Coaching my pals? Although some claim it isn’t good, I see it as a benefit. They’re people you know well. Like Ter Stegen, Roberto, Alba, Busquets, etc.”

“Although it’s typical for many of them to get furious when they don’t play, I’m honest with them and tell them I don’t accept negative attitudes.”

Xavi on Dembele and Lewandowski

He continued, “Dembele is a differentiating player. He has an impact on every game. He’s a unique player. He has received extensive help from us to improve his ability to make wise decisions.”

“Ousmane has my complete faith and my love. He is the world’s top winger.”

The manager responded, “He is very humble and at the same time a tremendous player,” when questioned about Lewandowski.

“He always lends a hand to his colleagues and has a fantastic character. He is a boss.”

“It was unreasonable to suspend him for three games. It’s interpreted as touching a body part of yours. The good news is that we have options like Memphis, Ansu, Ousmane, Raphinha, and Ferran.”

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