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‘Worst pre-season’ – Potter blames poor form on Tuchel’s pre-season preparation!

Graham Potter continues to rebuild his team as he struggles with consistency and poor performances. He as given the job mid-season and has blamed his predecessor, Thomas Tuchel for providing his team with a poor pre-season.

Potter at the Wheel:

Potter’s underwhelming performances have led to uncomfortable questions about his future, but the man currently calling the shots in west London has suggested that he is still repairing the damage done by those that went before him.

Potter has told reporters when asked about his current situation, with only nine wins taken from his 25 games at the helm: “It’s really tough. My quote a few weeks ago is that it’s the toughest job in football, and there are reasons for that. Speaking to a few of the experienced guys, they said it was the worst pre-season they’ve had.” 

“Organisationally, the tour didn’t work as well as they’d like. I wasn’t there so I can’t say. We thought we made progress, but the first half against Southampton was below par. The sky can fall. These are some of the facts. Inconvenient facts, but that’s the situation.”

Potter and his expensively-assembled squad have been testing the patience of a loyal fan base this season, with those in charge aware that criticism is going to come their way. Potter added: “Supporters, rightly so, are upset because we lose at home to Southampton. Supporters care, when they are upset they make their frustrations known. There’s nothing I can say that will make the supporters – if they are against us – with us. The solution is that we have to win football matches. Results haven’t been good enough, 1-0 defeat to Southampton isn’t good enough, they are entitled to be angry.”

Potter maintains that “there’s always been support” from his board and that he has “been under pressure for four months” and is starting to grow accustomed to operating under the brightest of spotlights.

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