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‘We will always fight’ – Jordan Henderson backs his team to turn the season around!

Liverpool have performed below par this season, with many fans suggesting Jurgen Klopp’s current squad has run out of legs. With much criticism this season, Jordan Henderson believes the team still has a lot to give and will only be judged at the end of the season.

Henderson on Liverpool’s Season:

Henderson has dismissed any claims that the squad does not have what it takes to compete with the other big teams, while they continue to give it their all.

When speaking to the Daily Mail, Henderson was asked if it was the end for this Liverpool team, to which he replied: “When you say ‘this team’ the team always evolves. Is this team the same as three or four years ago? I don’t know. You tell me. It evolves all the time. Players go out and players come in. It evolves constantly. The thing that stays the same is that you have got to keep going, keep working, keep fighting.”

“But for Liverpool, it will never be the end. The players that are here now, the manager, the fans, the club, the whole thing, we will always fight and come back from bad periods. People are quick to jump on what has gone wrong but it was only four or five months ago where we played every game we could, won two trophies, got to the Champions League final and lost the league by a point.”

Some have suggested that Liverpool’s problem is burnout, but Henderson has denied this is the case. He said: “People mention the long season we had last year and we didn’t get a long enough break but it is pointless moaning about it. It is not going to change anything.”

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