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‘We are in crisis mode’ – Jurgen Klopp takes blame for Liverpool’s poor season!

Liverpool are in full crisis mode. After almost achieving the quadruple, Klopp’s men seem to be running on fumes. Goalkeeper Alisson has admitted that the Reds are playing well below standards, and need a turnaround immediately.

Klopp’s crisis mode:

When speaking to Sky Sports, Klopp was asked if Liverpool were in crisis, to which he responded: “Of course we are, we don’t hide from that. You have to get out of it and that is what we are doing. You can criticise everything that right, but don’t go for the wrong people, that makes no sense. I am responsible for all of this, if you want to criticise, criticise me. That is how it is, and I have no problem with that.”

“I don’t know 100% (how much last season affected the players physically and mentally) but we know it was influential but again from our point of view if you suffer from something, you can keep on suffering or you can fight out of it.”

Liverpool face Merseyside rivals Everton on Monday which could turn out to be a fierce game for the Reds.  Speaking to the club’s official website, Alisson said: “I think everybody understands the situation and everybody knows each one of us has to give something extra for the group. During the match [Wolves}, as I said, we have a few good moments, so we can say we are playing 75, 80 per cent of what we can play.”

“We have to put [in] more, we have to give extra things for the team – not only in terms of football but in excitement, in attitude, supporting teammates, everything that is in your hand to try to change our situation. We understand that and we’re going to use everything that we have in our hands to turn around this moment, this situation. I believe it is just a moment and we’re going to turn out soon.”

Klopp will be hoping his team fight through the crisis and come out swinging as the season-defining phase approaches.

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