AC Milan are looking to improve their squad again this summer with another new management setup. Having been close to get into Champions League last season, Rossoneri reportedly are looking for some important signings for next season.

One of the names, who the media has been linking Rossoneri with is Luka Modric of Real Madrid. However, those rumors were being tone down by Milan’s new director, Paolo Maldini.

The legendary left back does not deny that Modric will be a perfect fit for current Milan squad. Nevertheless, Maldini said that up til now they have not made any offers for the Croatian international.

The former left back agree that having an experienced quality such as the former Tottenham Hotspur man can help Rossoneri grow. However, for now it’s not a transfer that has been nothing more than just rumors.

Maldini did not completely shut down the idea of signing Modric though as the market is still long. The 50-year-old ask for calmness from Milan fans as they doesn’t seem to move quickly in the market so far.

He also ensured that if there’s a possibility the club will try to sign great players for this upcoming season. Whether one of them will be Modric or not remain a mystery until the market shuts down on September 2.