Gonzalo Higuain’s future seems to be heading for another move in Italian Serie A next summer. Reports in Italy suggesting that the Argentinian set to join AS Roma as Giallorossi and Juventus are working on  a deal.

According to reports from Repubblica, Higuain’s move from Juve to Roma is far from being a fantasy. Considering the capital side are currently dealing with financial issues, Bianconeri reportedly offering a loan deal as a solution.

However, it won’t be a dry loan as Giallorossi will be paying 12 million Euro for a year loan. Moreover, a buyout option will also be part of that deal though both parties are yet to agree on its fee.

Higuain himself seems more keen on leaving as he knows Juve don’t have any plan on keeping the striker. Moreover, should the Argentinian opting on staying, Bianconeri will ask him to extend for another year.

That extension is so that the Turin giant can reduce the striker’s current salary and spread it in two years. Higuain reportedly is not keen on having to spread his wages, though he won’t mind reducing it a little bit.

Nevertheless, the former Napoli man would rather move and get insurance of regular playing time. Staying at Juve means that he most likely going to be second choice behind Cristiano Ronaldo.



Come on! This guy is dead! He WAS good though. Retirement scheme for him? I cannot believe Juve is lining up for him….