Not having his best season with Juventus, Paulo Dybala could decide to leave Turin next summer. According to the striker’s own brother, Gustavo, there’s a big chance that Dybala won’t be staying wit Juve.

Although refusing to share any potential destination for his brother, Gustavo, stated that Dybala is not happy. Nevertheless, the sibling also added that the issue does not related with Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival last summer.

“Yes, there’s a good chance he’ll leave Juventus. Absolutely, he needs a change. I can’t say where he’ll go, but there is a strong chance Paulo will leave,” the brother explained. “Of course he’s not happy there. Cristiano is a great person and he(Dybala) never had problems with him.

Just as many media speculated this season, apparently the issue with the former Palermo striker is with Juve’s boss, Maximiliano Allegri. Gustavo himself stating that there’s been some misunderstandings in terms of tactics.

Moreover, Italian media also believes that it’s Allegri who has put Dybala into the transfer list. Throughout this season, there’s been several rumors and incidents regarding a clash between the Argentinian and his head coach.

The striker doesn’t seem look to have any issue in finding a new club though as Atletico Madrid reportedly showing interest in him. Latest reports already suggesting that Atleti want Dybala as replacement for Antoine Griezmann next summer.