The transfer market in England is setting to an end pretty soon, but potential big moves can still happen. One interesting transfer that might occur is Philippe Coutinho’s return to Premier League as Barcelona are keen on selling.

Antoine Griezmannn’s arrival at Camp Nou, along with Barca’s constant interest in getting Neymar back seems to trigger Coutinho’s future. Blaugrana reportedly have been offering the Brazilian international to several teams, including Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Man United are not ruling out any potential move as just yet, but their focus for new is somewhere else. Making Tottenham as the more likelier destination for Coutinho next season.

However, Spurs will need certain scenario to happen if they really want the Brazilian international at their squad this summer. That situation would be the sale of Christian Eriksen just before current transfer market shut down.

Not only that, Spurs themselves apparently are also negotiating on other targets for the midfielder position. Mauricio Pochettino’s side reportedly are also keen on getting Bruno Fernandes and Giovani Lo Celso.

That conditions certainly putting Coutinho’s shot in wearing Spurs’ jersey also becoming trickier. Nevertheless, things can easily changed just when the market set to enter its final date.

Knowing that the market in EPL will end sooner than most of other European leagues, Premier  League might make desperate move soon. That’s why Coutinho’s future could still end up in England once again.