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‘United fans aren’t daft’ – Roy Keane believes Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy remains intact at United!

Cristiano Ronaldo has officially left Manchester United as the club has decided to terminate his contract. While the decision is shrouded in controversy, some fans think Cristiano has ruined his legacy at Old Trafford. Roy Keane has supported him and said his legacy remains intact.

Keane on Ronaldo’s Legacy:

Keane came out in defence of the forward, arguing that he shouldn’t have been used as a fringe player and that the fiasco could have been easily avoided by selling him in the summer. Keane then underlined the things Ronaldo has achieved as a player, claiming that his reputation at United hasn’t been tarnished.

“It has been on cards for the last few months,” Keane told ITV. “The interview was the tipping point. He should have left in the summer, the new manager was never going to play him. You cannot have Ronaldo as a fringe player, it is just not right. You have to the treat the top players differently.”

“I don’t want to go down the road again about pressing, Ronaldo did not come back to the club to do that, he came back to score goals. I think it is really straightforward, people say is his reputation at United tarnished. Far from it. United fans aren’t daft. Ronaldo will go down as one of the greatest players. It has not ended well, but that’s life.”

Ronaldo’s focus will on the World Cup as he will try his last chance to win the coveted trophy for Portugal.

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