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Troy Deeney opens up about his mental health struggles

Troy Deeney has faced a lot of hardships in his life and continues to improve himself physically and mentally. He has spoken out about the importance of mental health and how therapy has helped him a lot to progress and focus.

Deeney on Mental Health:

Deeney has let us in on his struggles and how he battled grief and alcoholism in his early days. 

“I cremated my dad on Friday and then went to jail on a Monday. It was very, very quick” Deeney opened up. “My dad died after three months of battling cancer. Seeing my hero, the biggest and strongest man I knew, crumble and break really quick (was difficult). I was drinking an awful lot which ended up with me getting into trouble and in jail.”

“It certainly put me on a path and I have not definitely finished that yet. Still doing therapy and now I’m actually doing two different types of therapy. There’s a lot of talk about mental health. Everyone has their own understanding and I really dislike the word ‘normal’. Because your normal and my normal are completely two different things.”

“I would definitely implore anyone who’s having struggles or hard times just to reach out and talk to someone. The first couple of times it was a bit painful but what I noticed was that I slept a lot better after two hours of sessions. And I was like ‘Oh, this might be working!” he said.

Troy Deeney is enjoying life back in Birmingham as he finally left Watford earlier this year.

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