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HomeNewsSergio Aguero compares Erling Haaland to Lionel Messi after just 13 appearances!

Sergio Aguero compares Erling Haaland to Lionel Messi after just 13 appearances!

Erling Haaland’s instant immense impact has seen pundits and footballers compare him to the greats. With Pep Guardiola already refusing to compare Haaland to Messi, former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero has claimed that Haaland can be the Messi of the new generation.

Haaland-Messi Comparisons:

Aguero has put the Norwegian in the same bracket as Brazil legend Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and Robert Lewandowski. 

“There’s been many strikers worthy of awe I can think of. One of my favourites was Ronaldo [Nazario], who time and time again proved to be the full package as a player, and a menace before the goalposts.” 

“Each era usually has two or three players with that ability – and usually with different styles. Diego [Maradona], Romario, Lewandowski, [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, and Leo, of course! Each had their own flair but they were all tremendous scorers to a fault,” Aguero said to Stake.

“Speaking of Haaland specifically, he’s got potency, athleticism, and a particular instinct for goals, which makes him very dangerous. He’s got everything to keep racking up amazing stats, especially being part of an offensively-minded team like City. That in turn means plenty of opportunities to score. He’s young and has a lot of potential to continue breaking records. Key to this, of course, will be consistency,” he further added.

Haaland already has 20 goals in 13 appearances in all competitions, with 15 being in the Premier League itself. He has also made history by recording hat-tricks in 3 successive home games for Manchester City. Haaland became the fastest player to score three hat-tricks in the Premier League, doing so in just 8 games.

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