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PSG Manager Galtier: Messi is not to blame for Mbappe’s mockery

Christophe Galtier rejected claims of a feud between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe, claiming no issues existed between the Paris Saint-Germain duo.


Galtier breaks the silence on Mbappe’s mockery after the World cup final

During Argentina’s World Cup celebrations, Mbappe was made fun of, mostly by Emiliano Martinez, the country’s goalie.

After the match, the French striker was teased by the shot-stopper in the locker room. Two days later, while Mbappe’s PSG teammate was standing next to him, he made fun of the attacker during Argentina’s trophy parade.

Galtier blamed Martinez and claimed that his two top players get along just fine: “I would concentrate on their connection. Leo Messi wasn’t the one making other people laugh.”

“There is no need to jumble these things up, based on what I observed and experienced following the final and what the goalkeeper’s actions were.”

He added: “The dynamics between the players are what matter to me. Despite losing, Kylian Mbappe maintained a really positive attitude.”

“He was obviously terribly unhappy, but he handled it with style. He congratulated Leo Messi, which is excellent for the team and the club.”

Martinez did display the doll alongside Messi when they stood side by side during Argentina’s World Cup parade last week. But since the World Cup final, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has never made fun of Mbappe.

PSG manager confirms Lionel Messi’s return date

Lionel Messi will rejoin Paris Saint-Germain soon after the new year, according to head coach Christophe Galtier.

Galtier’s remarks corroborate Messi’s return to training on January 3rd, which Argentine site TyC Sports had previously reported.

Galtier stated on Tuesday, “He [Messi] had to travel back to Argentina for the festivities and the receptions, and we agreed that he was going to be off until January 1st.”

“So, when he has had between 13 and 14 days of rehabilitation, he will join us. It will be either on the second or third.”

Galtier on managing players’ post world cup emotions

Galtier said, “I gave letters of encouragement to individuals who had been let down and messages of congratulations to those who had done well in the competition.”

“They are professional football players, and the greatest treatment for them is to return as soon as possible to work, where they will be with their friends and will be able to experience competitive football once more.”

“Everyone is mentally prepared for us to collaborate once more, I’ve noticed. During the title ceremony, I observed Kylian congratulate Leo and the opposing manager, symbolising respect between our players.”

“Kylian’s positive outlook, which he displayed despite the setback, stands out in my mind.”

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