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Pep Guardiola speaks about Sterling, January transfer plans, injury updates, and the crazy match calendar

Before Wednesday’s Carabao Cup third-round matchup between Manchester City and Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium, Pep Guardiola addressed the media. What he has to say is as follows.


Guardiola speaks about match schedules before and after World Cup

As the midseason World Cup 2022 draws near, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has complained about a “crazy” match calendar that is “too much” for the players.

“What can I say?” he asked. “The word you used is one that everyone agrees with. And you need to adjust.”

“I gave up trying to change it a long time ago. On January 20, the first game following the World Cup will begin in Germany. Our first day is December 26.”

“I am still determining the dates for the matches versus Spurs and Arsenal. It is what it is.”
“The best course of action is to attempt and win tomorrow’s game instead of dwelling on today. With no complaints, leave.”

“We will play with the academy if a match is scheduled for that period immediately following the World Cup, and we don’t have any international World Cup players. We’ll determine what is there once we get there.”

“Look how many injuries have already been done before the World Cup—and after, who knows,” he continued.

“When we reach the final rounds in March or April, I get the impression that we need to pay close attention to how the players feel following the World Cup.”

Guardiola: Sterling deserves a good reception from Man City fans

Raheem Sterling “needs to” get a warm welcome upon his return to Manchester City, according to Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola, the manager of City, said at a news conference when asked if he felt Sterling would be well received: “I hope so, I hope so.”

“I always appreciate it when the clubs welcome the players who have been a vital part of our team for many years and have been here for a long time.”

“You may forget recent events, but they do not reflect what took place throughout his six to seven years in office.”

“Of certainly, he deserves a favorable response. Of course, we want to defeat them, but he also needs to be well-received. That is well-liked in England.”

When asked about Sterling’s Chelsea form, Guardiola responded, “I watched a few games. However, regardless of what he is playing or doing, you all know what he is capable of. I wish him luck and hope he enjoys himself there.”

The Spaniard stated that the 27-year-old and Guardiola worked together for six years, every year and every day, being together, working, and playing a lot of games, adding that they had a “fantastic relationship.”

Guardiola: We won’t be signing any players in January

Manchester City won’t be adding to their roster in the January transfer window, according to Pep Guardiola.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Guardiola was questioned about this and how the owners’ financial support puts City in a strong position should they need to add players during the upcoming window.

The City manager declared: “We are not planning to add to the roster in January. We are content with our team, and that is all.”

Pep Guardiola provides injury updates

On Erling Haaland: “He still has issues. We’ll find out tomorrow whether he can start. The fact that the bone is intact is crucial. Just a tiny bit of ligament injury. Not ideal at the moment. See what occurs after a week or ten days.”

On Kalvin Phillips: Yes, Kalvin Phillips will be with the team starting tomorrow.”

On Kyle Walker: “No. Kyle Walker will not compete.”

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