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Pep Guardiola: Man City manager needs UCL to win to complete time at the club

If Manchester City doesn’t win the Champions League, manager Pep Guardiola claims his tenure at the club will “not be complete.”


Guardiola on winning UCL

Pep Guardiola has acknowledged that if Manchester City does not win the Champions League, his tenure there will “not be complete.”

Although Guardiola has led City to nine significant trophies, including four Premier League titles, he has yet to bring Europe’s premier club trophy to the Etihad Stadium.

The Catalan twice won the competition while managing Barcelona and failed to win it for Bayern Munich. His second-place result in 2021 marked his finest performance in six seasons at City.

Guardiola maintains he is determined to keep trying after last month’s extension of his contract to the conclusion of the 2024–25 season.

The 51-year-old continued, “It’s not the only one, but I admit it’s the trophy we want, and of course, my time here would not be complete if we don’t win it.”

“I will do everything in the time we have together, and we will try – but I’d say the same as we tried before. That is not the sole reason I extended the contract by any means.”

“We’re missing the trophy, and we’ll try to get it.”

When City plays RB Leipzig in the round of 16, their latest attempt to win the Champions League will resume. They were semifinalists last season.

Guardiola will not tone down touchline emotions against Liverpool

Against Liverpool, Pep Guardiola contends that he cannot be expected to stand motionless on the sidelines.

The Manchester City manager understands the value of acting appropriately in light of the efforts made by the two clubs to ease the tensions in their escalating rivalry.

He remarked that people could not act like they are made of stone or ice when a goal is disallowed in a match against a significant opponent.

“Reactions happen. That’s why the refs are there. To react and do what they believe is correct.”

“We will always react that way, but respect for the officials, the rules, and the opponent is always there from my point of view, and my teams, without a doubt.”

In that match two months ago, Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, was dismissed and then given a touchline suspension.

After a City goal was called back, Guardiola got into heated arguments with the referee and later claimed he was pelted with money.


Guardiola: players are vital to get over World Cup woes

Pep Guardiola is confident that his team will be able to quickly move past any World Cup setbacks and return to competing for championships with City.

“I heard that the World Cup was flawless because there was just the right amount of pressure. According to what they told me, playing in Qatar was different from playing in England or Italy because they were more at ease.”

“Because of this, they will be fine.” In his pre-game news conference, the City manager stated, “My first feeling is they will be okay.”

“People can forget the positive or negative things and restart rapidly. It’s the first time, so we’ll see, but at the same time, I don’t know.”

“I chatted with the returning guys and each of them alone to find out their thoughts. They have begun training, and after observing their behaviour and general disposition, we will make a judgement. This is the crucial idea.”

“They arrived alert [in their minds], they are familiar with all the procedures. I’m not sure how they will return in the midst of the season after the World Cup and the good and bad situations. Whether they’ll return fit or overweight. We will see.”

Guardiola: Messi is the Greatest of All Time

Following his victory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Lionel Messi has been acclaimed as the greatest footballer of all time by Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.

“Everyone has an opinion, but no one can dispute Messi’s status as the greatest player of all time,” Guardiola said in a press conference before Man City’s Carabao Cup match against Liverpool on Thursday.

“He’s the finest, and it’s hard to imagine how another player could match his accomplishments—those who witnessed Pele, Di Stefano, or Maradona.”

“The opinions are emotional, but on the other hand, if he hadn’t won the World Cup, neither my viewpoint nor the opinions of others would have changed.”

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