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Jurgen Klopp speaks about the Merseyside derby, the decision to give players two days off & provides injury updates

Jürgen Klopp, the head coach of Liverpool, spoke to the media before the crucial Merseyside derby against Everton on Monday night.


Klopp explains the decision to give Liverpool players two days off amid poor form

Jurgen Klopp has explained his unexpected decision to give his team two days off despite their humiliating loss to relegation-threatened Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Klopp explained his choice to the media before his team’s crucial Merseyside derby matchup with Everton (via Football Daily).

“Between Saturday and Monday is a very long period,” remarked Klopp. “When we talked about everything on Sunday, I felt it would make perfect sense if we didn’t see each other for two days.”

“Of course, I could have stated, Training on Sunday, and then on Monday, we advance. “But it would have been completely useless.”

“It would have been horrible, it would have resulted in injuries, and it would have caused a lot of difficulties.”

Klopp on Merseyside derby & showing a reaction

“We need to respond against Everton. Our people want to see that. I know that. Although we are not delighted to be in this situation, we can demonstrate the club’s exceptional qualities if we want.”

“We are working to improve the current circumstance. I’m looking forward to a derby vibe, a proper atmosphere, and a good football game.”

“The better you act in your lowest times, the quicker you get to the higher moments.”

“We get ready to face the team that Arsenal faced,” According to Klopp, “Everton under Dyche is compact, counter-attack, and deadly from set pieces.”

“That was evident in their most recent game, which was excellent. Despite Arsenal’s dominance, Everton had several excellent chances before Arsenal’s goal.”

When asked if he wanted to show a response, Klopp responded, “Definitely, but people at home will say, ‘Show it on Monday!’ and we see it the same. However, aggression, eagerness, attention, and intensity are present. It has been a nice week thus far.”

“During our finest times, holding press conferences is simple because you can ask about players scoring, we can both laugh, and it’s nice. Some of you overreact to what I say, but that was not my aim. It’s challenging to constantly discuss [bad form].”

Klopp provides injury updates

“Diogo is the closest,” remarked Klopp. “He has already trained for two days to train for three more days, and I believe he is competitive.”

“Bobby is up after that. We must observe how he responds to intense training before making a choice. We will work on it, but Virgil is not that close. Arthur and Bobby likely have a lot in common.”

Thiago, a midfielder for Spain, was absent from practice on Thursday, and Klopp is awaiting his availability.

“Thiago has some issues: hip flexor, stuff like that, so he was unable to train,” he continued.

Klopp defends under-fire Liverpool captain

Jordan Henderson, Liverpool’s captain, has not been implicated in the team’s subpar performances this year, according to Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp remarked, “I don’t see why we’re talking about one person. Hendo is not, has never been, and never will be, our problem.”

“Hendo participated in 98% of the games we had when he was ready and in good shape. He came on after going two or three games without [starting].”

“He participated in all of these games since he is a crucial player for us. There is no other explanation. You miss that when he isn’t playing. That’s how simple it is. He is indeed highly significant.”

“If Hendo did anything and the rest of the guys were present, we wouldn’t miss it. This is a tale of a team. Nothing else if you want a manager narrative. Neither particular staff members nor individual players.”

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