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Jurgen Klopp speaks about Haaland, competing with Man City and Rangers thrashing

Jurgen Klopp spoke in the press conference ahead of the game against Man City on Sunday. Here is what he has to say.


Klopp: Liverpool has to find other ways to compete with Man City

Jurgen Klopp acknowledges that Liverpool cannot possibly equal Manchester City’s transfer expenditure. However, he still thinks they can outspend their rivals in other areas.

Liverpool’s dismal start to the season has left them 13 points behind their rivals, despite keeping each other in the title fight for the duration of the time the two have been in England.

“The City is incomparable to anyone. What is Liverpool’s mission? They can’t behave like us. It is not conceivable.”

“What does Liverpool do? We cannot act like them. It is not possible.”

“There are three clubs in world football who can do what they want financially. It’s legal, but they can do what they want.”

“We have to look at it (and say), We need that and we need that, and we have to look here and make it younger, and here a prospect and here a talent.”

“That is what you have to do. And you compete with them. You have to compete with them.”

Jurgen Klopp hails the best striker in the World, Erling Haaland

Jurgen Klopp has hailed Erling Haaland as the best striker in the world. Still, the Liverpool manager has cautioned his team that if they focus all their efforts on stopping the Premier League’s leading scorer, Manchester City’s other elite players will thrive.

“Like usually when playing against the best striker in the world, you have to ensure he doesn’t receive too many balls. And that is what you must defend before you get into the challenge with himself,” he stated.

“So that’s what we try, but against City, the difficulty is that if you shut down Haaland with too many guys, you open up gaps for all the other elite players, so that won’t make life easier. The issue is related to football, but we are working to find answers.”

“Physically, he sets new standards,” Klopp continued, “the combination of being physical and technical and sensational awareness, his orientation on the pitch is exceptional.”

“He always knows where the decisive gaps are. He is barely offside and reads well: so many things make him a striker.”

“Some of the best players surround him in the world at City, including Kevin de Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez, and Phil Foden.”

“Experts at setting up goals and picking the right moments to pass. He fits in perfectly because they are all excellent at it.”

Klopp: Liverpool’s thrashing of Rangers is a significant confidence boost ahead of the Man City game

Liverpool’s 7-1 hammering of Rangers at Ibrox, according to Jurgen Klopp, quickly altered the atmosphere inside the club before their match against Manchester City on Sunday.

With the confidence boost, Klopp talked about a “freak” outcome but a “great” hat trick for Salah.

“It was a successful night for us,” he remarked. “The mood has altered. We generally have a beer after away games, and since it has been so long since I’ve had one, I’ll go wasted.”

“The atmosphere has been drastically altered. That’s great. On Sunday, though, we all know who to greet.”

“(It’s a) different game, we know that, but it’s better to go into it with this feeling from tonight than any other.”

“We don’t have to make a big thing of it. The best football team in the world right now is coming to Anfield.”

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