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HomeNewsJames Milner: It is strange to see Liverpool seventh in the table

James Milner: It is strange to see Liverpool seventh in the table

James Milner, a midfielder for Liverpool, acknowledged that it’s weird for his team to be so far down the standings barely three months before the Premier League season ends.

The seventh-placed Reds have only accrued eight points in seven Premier League contests since the beginning of the year, and Liverpool scarcely would have chosen Saturday’s goalless draw with Crystal Palace as a return statement after their 5-2 Champions League loss to Real Madrid.


Milner speaks about Liverpool’s form

“Every week is a big week,” Milner told the club’s official website. “We want to end the season on a high note.”

“There are still so many games to play, so it feels unusual because, typically, you’re a little further along at this point in the season. Recently, there have been several excellent performances.”

“When we don’t see results, it’s critical that we bounce back and not become overly depressed or frustrated.”

“Against Madrid, there was a terrific first half or 40 minutes; there were a couple of careless goals, but other than that, it was a good 45 minutes.”

“After you leave the second half, all that was good has been forgotten. We must remember that there have been some encouraging indicators in recent weeks.”

Given their recent performance, Milner acknowledged that those instances irritated him more. He continued, “I think clearly when things aren’t going your way, there’s certainly a loss of confidence.”

“When everything is going well, and you play a game where you hit the post, and it doesn’t go in, or you lose a pass, it doesn’t bother you as much; you brush it off and keep going.”

“Clearly, with the confidence a little lower right now and a few poor experiences. It probably makes us feel worse than it should right now,” Milner concluded.

Jurgen Klopp defends Trent Alexander-Arnold’s form

Trent Alexander-Arnold has continued to battle for form for Liverpool, but Jurgen Klopp has supported the Scouser.

Jurgen was asked if his No. 66 currently needs more confidence while explaining why he substituted the full-back in the match against Crystal Palace.

“No. He was unquestionably one of our best players in the few games we won,” according to Klopp.

“Trent Alexander-Arnold is involved, so if he isn’t performing, everyone notices.”

“Even when he is engaged in goals, no one talks about his performance when he is on stage. In the most recent games, he helped set up outstanding goals for Newcastle and, I believe, Everton.”

“He is OK; it’s simply how many games there are. He will be OK after a day of rest we gave him once we pulled him off.”

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