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‘It’s not a bad situation’ – De Zerbi open to recalling Trossard back to the team!

Brighton and Hove Albion have been facing a conflict between their manager Roberto De Zerbi and star player Leandro Trossard. Trossard has written an open letter, asking to leave the club, but the manager insists the player could still make a comeback into the squad.

Di Zerbi recalling Trossard?

The Belgian was left out of the squad with his manager citing a “poor attitude”. Consequently, Trossard’s agents hit back at the humiliating claims and suggested that “a potential transfer” is now the most beneficial outcome for both player and club.

Speaking after Saturday’s win, De Zerbi has now opened the door for a return to the team, telling the press: “I want to be clear about Trossard. I’m sorry for the situation. I don’t think I’ve made a mistake with him. The people inside Brighton know very well the situation.” 

“I’m fine with myself and I’m ready to open the doors for him, because he’s a good guy and a very important player for us. He changes the team, but he has to understand and to work with my attitude, in my way, because I am the coach, I decide the rules inside the dressing room, only this.”

“I’m honest, I’m very clear. When I want to say something I speak inside the family and our family is the dressing room. I don’t want to speak about the communication of his agent, because I don’t know him, I know only Leo. I’m ready to listen to him without a problem, because this situation is important.” 

“It’s not a bad situation, it’s a great situation, because if he learns, if we improve our way, we can only improve, and to achieve our dreams there is only one way. To be open to improve and ready to work hard, because we are Brighton, a team of medium level in this competition, so we have to think about the team more than ourselves.”

Brighton beat Liverpool comfortably over the weekend and look to reach new heights with their new manager, Roberto De Zerbi.

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