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‘Is there a future?’ Bruno Fernandes admits doubt over Manchester United future

Bruno Fernandes has been one of Manchester United’s standout players since his arrival 3 years ago. He has now signed a new long-term contract after talking to the board about the future of the club.  His new current contract now runs until 2026 with an option for an additional 12 months to be added on.

Bruno’s Future:

 Speaking to The Athletic, Fernandes said: “So I had a conversation last year with the club when everyone knew that Ralf (Rangnick) was not the coach for the future and when the club decides that I spoke to the club and I said I want to be a solution for the club, I want to be helpful for the club, but I also want to know where we are going. Is there a plan, is there a future? This was before I signed my new contract because I said to the club, obviously money is important, no one can hide that, it’s always important to earn more and more and more in football or life, whatever job you do, you always want to have the best for yourself.”

“But at that time, for me I said I’m on good money, I don’t want a new contract without knowing that we have a good future in the club. I want to know where we are going, I don’t need to know who the manager is, but I want to know just as a club, do you think we have a future? Do you have a plan for the future? What are your thoughts on where we can go? What does the club want? Does the club want to achieve trophies or does the club want to build something to go to the Champions League?”

He added: “The club has said they have a plan, this is what they want, we agree with you that the level of the club has to be better than it has been in the past, we can achieve much more, we can do much more and that’s why I have never had my head out of here but just making sure the club is still in the same direction that it was when I signed.”

“(I spoke to) John (Murtough) and Darren Fletcher because they’re the people who are closer for the players to talk to. So that was the conversation I had with them, to understand that the aim for the club is still the same they said to me when I signed in 2020.”

Bruno Fernandes has been captain this season with Harry Maguire being put on the bench for the majority of it.

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