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Graham Potter: Managing Chelsea is the hardest job in football

Graham Potter’s press conference today had a big focus on Joao Felix, the club’s loan signing. He also spoke about managing Chelsea and Pulisic injury issues.


Graham Potter on managing Chelsea

Graham Potter believes he has the hardest job in football as Chelsea manager to get to grips with their “new chapter” since Todd Boehly bought the club.

Potter stated, “I believe this club was run in a specific manner for 20 years, and incredibly effectively. I have the utmost regard for the prior ownership and everything they accomplished and did. It’s wonderful.”

“But regrettably, they are no longer present. All of that leadership is gone now. It’s new ownership. Everything’s changed rather swiftly.” 

“There has been an unbelievable amount of change over the past six to twelve months if you look at what has occurred. That can appear in many ways from time to time.” 

“Saying, ‘Well, that’s gone, and we’ll just pick it up,’ would be disrespectful. New individuals, new structures, and new employees are all here. Many things went wrong.” 

“Therefore, you need to work on rebuilding them. However, Chelsea, the requirements, and the expectations still exist in the interim.”

“The club may still need to be quite there to establish itself as a well-run football club and perform well in a highly competitive environment. However, I know that many people do not share my perspective.”

Potter: We haven’t been quite good in recent weeks

Although Graham Potter acknowledges that Chelsea’s recent efforts ‘haven’t been good enough,’ he insisted that he is ‘looking forward’ to Thursday’s west London derby at Fulham.

Chelsea is currently tenth in the Premier League standings due to the club’s recent slump in performance, and Potter acknowledges that he is under pressure to change that.

In his pre-game press conference, Potter stated that “there is always pressure, and the higher you go, especially at a club like Chelsea with such history and heritage, and the demands of it, then of course there is noise and criticism.”

“It is exactly what you would expect, but you must persevere and strive to improve. It’s a challenging job. Please look at my peers in similar roles; people like Pep and Jurgen Klopp faced criticism at the beginning of their careers.” 

“When playing football, you experience anguish and discomfort. Sometimes it isn’t easy to comprehend why making it simpler to point the finger at someone else.” 

“It’s important to keep things in perspective and remember how you got here. I do admit that our outcomes haven’t been satisfactory, but we must continue to advance.”

“We know tomorrow’s game will be challenging, but it is the London derby, so we are looking forward to it.”


Graham Potter: Joao Felix can make a difference

Chelsea boss Graham Potter shared his views on the club completing the loan signing of forward Joao Felix.

He said, “Felix is a quality player who has a lot of good experience despite being young. He can make a difference in the last third of the field.” 

“He’s a good player who lifts everyone. Joao is undoubtedly a good and talented player who can benefit the squad, though.” 

“The team needs to be fixed. A single person cannot solve the problems. It would help if you restructured the team, attacked more effectively, and generated opportunities before anyone on the field can score and the team can triumph. That is the key point.”

Potter reveals the extent of Christian Pulisic injury

According to Graham Potter, Christian Pulisic will be out for “months” due to injury.

The American forward joined a growing number of players on the treatment table when he was substituted during the first half of the Blues’ 1-0 loss to Manchester City at home last Thursday.

Raheem Sterling and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang both sustained injuries during that match. While Potter is a little more upbeat about their returns, he has alarming information to share concerning Pulisic.

“Pierre is well and will play against Fulham,” according to Potter. “We estimate that Christian could take months. Raheem is a lot less, ideally even less.”

Additionally, Potter provided updates on N’Golo Kante, Ben Chilwell, Reece James, and Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

“Ruben and Ben Chilwell getting closer. Reece was out on the grass today, not training with the team but on his own. N’Golo is training on his own but a long way to go,” he explained.

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