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Gary Neville believes Cristiano Ronaldo should stay at United despite limited playing time!

Cristiano Ronaldo has probably had the worst start to the season in his career ever. He went from blatantly wanting to leave Manchester United, to have settled for being a substitute on the bench. With the January transfer window coming soon, questions arise about his departure once more.

Ronaldo’s Playing Time:

With him being a bench warmer, for now, former United teammate Gary Neville believes he should stay at United regardless of the playing time as he can be a valuable entity.

Neville has told The Mirror: “What I would hope is that, like with any other player coming towards the end of his career, he’ll accept that he won’t play every single game and he’ll stay and become a massive contributor like he was on Sunday night [in a 2-1 win over Everton] and United will have a good season.” 

“If Ronaldo stays I do think they have a far better chance of being a top-four team, even if he doesn’t play every week and he comes off the bench like he did against Everton. But I suspect his mentality, his psyche is such that he can’t not play.” 

“He feels it’s an insult and people I respect enormously in the game think he’s being disrespected by being on the bench, but I don’t see that at all. I think Erik ten Hag has come out of this really well.” 

“For me, I hope he can somehow think, ‘Where am I going to play where the fans love me as much, where there are still trophies on the table? We can achieve stuff.’ Where is he going to play in Europe? In the summer, no one wanted him in the transfer window. I think United have played it pretty well, this one.”

Ronaldo has already scored 2 goals this season, helping him achieve 700 club goals.

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