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Gareth Southgate talks about taking a knee, injury updates and being determined to bring World Cup joy to England

Before Monday’s World Cup opening between England and Iran, Gareth Southgate has been addressing the media. He said the following.


Southgate confirms they will take a knee in the World Cup opener against Qatar

England announced they would kneel during their group stage opener against Iran on Monday.

Due to concerns that the gesture’s message and power had diminished, kneeling has significantly decreased in the Premier League this season. Still, manager Gareth Southgate indicated in a press conference that his team would be doing so.

He said: “We in the Premier League are aware that the clubs have only chosen to do that for important games and occasions. It’s what we, as a team, stand for. This, in our opinion, is the biggest.”

Southgate continued for young people in particular, “We think it is a strong statement that will go around the world to realise inclusivity is vitally essential.”

In 2020, when football was played again behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 outbreak, players and clubs took a stand against racial inequality in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Southgate provides early team news

The early team news has been updated by England manager Gareth Southgate ahead of tomorrow’s World Cup opener against Iran.

James Maddison’s absence from the game is a significant setback for the Three Lions. He has had a solid start to the season, scoring seven goals and providing four assists in just 13 games for Leicester City.

The 25-year-old was thrilled to be a part of Southgate’s 26-man travelling squad, but England fans will have to wait to witness the star in action.

Southgate said, “Kyle Walker is still a little early. He is now training with the squad, which is better than where we had anticipated him. Very encouraging.”

Southgate is determined to bring World Cup joy to England fans

Gareth Southgate wants to take England on another “memorable” World Cup tour to cheer up the country during a trying time.

Southgate stated, “Look, our objective is to offer our supporters an unforgettable tournament.”

“In our previous two tournaments, we took them on fantastic journeys, and we want to take (them) on another.”

“We are experiencing an economic recession, which has made life challenging for many citizens. However, it is better than in some other countries worldwide.”

“We want them to love playing football and travelling with the team because that will make them truly happy.”


FIFA ban England from wearing the One Love armband

FIFA has banned England from wearing the OneLove armband during their World Cup opener against Iran.

The recent problem concerns nations looking to wear the OneLove armband throughout their games. The dispute surrounding the World Cup in Qatar has been widely reported.

According to the Telegraph, FIFA has prohibited England from using the armband. If captain Harry Kane chooses to use it in violation of FIFA’s directive, he may be booked immediately.

Although England initially decided to wear the armband, they might opt to change their decision if there are consequences for a booking for Kane.

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