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Frenkie De Jong opens up on relationship with Barcelona manager Xavi

Frenkie de Jong has reiterated that he holds Xavi completely unresponsible for attempting to oust him from Barcelona in the summer.


Frenkie De Jong on Xavi

De Jong struggled to make the starting lineup at the beginning of the campaign. Many have speculated that manager Xavi does not consider him a crucial component of his plans.

Nevertheless, De Jong played the full 90 minutes in Barcelona’s final four La Liga games before the World Cup break.

He did not have a grudge against his manager Xavi, despite the strain.

Frenkie said, “Xavi never explicitly stated that Frenkie would stay regardless of the team’s financial circumstances, so he left the door open for me to go, but I genuinely don’t blame Xavi.”

“Xavi never gave me the impression that he was against me. He found it challenging to talk about this.”

“He expressed his happiness to me to the media. Still, he added that the club’s financial situation is also a consideration. He is not making these choices.”

Frenkie De Jong accuses Barcelona of forcing him out & leaking the contract

Frenkie de Jong, a Dutch midfielder, resisted Barcelona’s subtly disguised attempt to transfer him this summer for several months. But at last, he has expressed how he truly feels.

De Jong revealed to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that the relationship between him and the club management had been destroyed. However, he did not mention Barcelona President Joan Laporta.

“I blame these guys, but I have nothing to do with the Barça employees that wanted him gone.”

“They do represent Barça to me because they run the organisation. But while I’m in the club, I don’t see them. In my daily existence, I have nothing to do with them.”

“One day, information from my contract was published in a paper. It had to be the club because I didn’t disclose it, and only one other was aware.”

“All of a sudden, I received a letter asking if my contract, which the former President made, was still in effect.”

“Although I regarded the club’s actions as exceedingly bothersome, I could not change anything.”

Given the several offers that came in over the summer and the public knowledge of Barcelona’s precarious financial state, De Jong’s remarks reinforce the club’s willingness to sell him.

Despite the media onslaught against him, which blamed him for some of Barcelona’s financial problems and portrayed him as greedy, he is once again popular with Barcelona supporters. Recent polls have indicated that Culers is in favour of keeping de Jong.

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