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HomeNewsFIFA chief Gianni Infantino confirms new plans for revamped Club World Cup

FIFA chief Gianni Infantino confirms new plans for revamped Club World Cup

Thirty-two best teams worldwide will compete in the new quadrennial men’s Club World Cup, which FIFA president Gianni Infantino has confirmed will debut in 2025.

The FIFA Council convened on Friday in Qatar to discuss various topics, including the schedules of international football matches and competitions for men and women.


FIFA president confirms revamped Club World Cup

FIFA has confirmed that starting in 2025; the Club World Cup will feature 32 teams.
One of the most notable choices after the coronavirus epidemic forced the cancellation of the initial 24-team Club World Cup competition set for 2020.

“A 32-team Club World Cup will be played every four years,” according to FIFA president Infantino. “The first edition will occur in the summer of 2025.”

“But they will be the world’s top teams. They will receive an invitation to take part. However, the specifics will be worked out in due course.”

“We’ll also choose the location in the next weeks or months after consulting with all the interested parties. The FIFA Council has now decided to hold that Club World Cup as a matter of principle.”

“But remember that we were the only football organisation in the world not to have held the competition during the pandemic.”

“We prepared a Club World Cup with 24 teams for 2020 while everyone else delayed, shortened, and played their competitions. That was dropped.”

“We did it because we wanted to allow for the Copa America and the Euros. And maintain the health and wellness of players and not overwhelm the schedule,” Infantino said. “It wasn’t replaced or postponed.”

Gianni Infantino describes Qatar World Cup as Best World Cup ever

Gianni Infantino spoke to Qatar 2022 as “the best World Cup ever” while avoiding the issue of paying migrant labour.

On Sunday, the first-ever winter competition ends as Lionel Messi attempts to motivate Argentina to victory against the defending champions, France.

The Fifa president declared, “The first thing I want to highlight is the praise – the unanimous praise. The FIFA Council for this World Cup, for the unique, cohesive power that this World Cup has displayed.”

“The thanks to everyone who was involved, to Qatar of course, all the volunteers who work, all of you. And everyone who has contributed to making this World Cup the best World Cup ever,” was said.

Infantino defends FIFA’s stance on OneLove armband

Gianni Infantino has defended FIFA’s stance on the “OneLove” armband at the World Cup in Qatar by saying that rather than causing further conflicts, football games should be a chance for everyone to “forget their worries.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you forbid something or not. It’s about abiding by the rules. On the field of play, you play football, and that’s what we did, according to the rules,” he said.

“Everyone is free to express their opinions, ideas, and ways of thinking as long as they are done courteously.”

“You must respect football and the playing field when it comes the pitch and field of play, and these rules are in place for just such a purpose.”

“They are there to respect and safeguard the 211 football teams (under the FIFA banner), not the 211 heads of state, governments, or whatever else, so this is nothing new.”

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