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HomeNewsEnzo Fernandes on his deadline day transfer: "It was a stressful time." 

Enzo Fernandes on his deadline day transfer: “It was a stressful time.” 

Enzo Fernandez, a midfielder for Chelsea, has talked about his emotions leading up to his January transfer deadline day.


Enzo Fernandez on his deadline day transfer

With their record-breaking €121 million acquisition of Fernandez from Benfica, the Blues smashed the British transfer record. Although the negotiations lasted several days during the winter transfer window, it wasn’t a simple agreement.

During that time, several conflicting claims surfaced, and some even claimed that Fernandez skipped training to push a transfer away from Benfica.

The Argentina midfielder has now discussed the pre-transfer circumstance. He stated to The Times: “It was a challenging moment. I practiced and played when I could, but as the hours passed, things became frantic.” 

“When the last few hours drew near, the anxiety started to take over. It was about me trying to remain composed and focused on the game.”

“A lot of information that may not have been accurate was making its way out through various journalistic outlets.” 

“I’m positive I didn’t skip any training sessions. I am aware that clubs undertook all of the negotiations. I carried on, kept my head down, and continued attending training.”

Enzo Fernandez: My message to the Chelsea fans? Trust us

His first four Chelsea appearances have resulted in two draws and two defeats, not to mention jeers and annoyance from the crowd. If you go any further, Chelsea has only won two of its last 14 Premier League games under Graham Potter.

He says, “Football is Football. “It’s difficult to gel as a team when you have so many young players, and we’ve all had 20 days to get to know one another on and off the field. We’ll get to know one another if you find us patient.”

“Trust us, is what I say to the fans,” adds Fernandez. “Have faith in the players, the coaching staff, and the manager.” 

“We are all heading in the same direction, therefore. We have a lot of fresh faces here, and the playing staff and club are being reorganized. They should exercise patience.” 

“Remember that we give them everything because we know we represent them. Beginning on Sunday, we’re going to try to win games. Then, we may change the situation.”

Enzo Fernandez on Messi & Winning the World Cup

When asked about Messi and the world cup, Fernandez responded, “That was my biggest dream ever truly to play with Messi. “It’s almost like God has given me a big gift to continue on that team and win the World Cup with Messi.” 

According to Fernandez, Messi is one of those captains who always acts positively, both in terms of the example he sets with his play and on a personal level. 

“He’s humble, thankful, and compassionate. He’s also down to earth. From the biggest stars to the younger players, he encourages everyone on the team. I was highly aware of his presence with me during the entire World Cup.”

Enzo continued, “That thing about being humble, I know I’m still young and need to keep learning. I still feel like I’m going through a learning curve and an apprenticeship time.”

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