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HomeNewsDeclan Rice Champions League admission hints at West Ham exit

Declan Rice Champions League admission hints at West Ham exit

Declan Rice thinks the “world-class” English team should be feared at the World Cup. He has also made hints that he might leave West Ham United after saying he wants to compete in the Champions League and win championships.


Declan Rice fuels transfer speculations as he eyes Champions League football

Declan Rice, an England midfielder, has suggested that his desire to play in the Champions League may force him to leave West Ham United.

He has established himself as a crucial piece in Gareth Southgate’s midfield alongside Jude Bellingham.

However, he revealed more ambitious goals for his future, including the possibility of playing in the Champions League, in his most recent news conference from the Three Lions training camp.

Rice told reporters, “I’ve been performing admirably for the team, and I want to keep pushing.”

“I watch my friends who play in the Champions League win significant prizes here. You are only given one career.”

“You wish to reflect on your accomplishments and the most consequential contests you participated in after your career. I want to achieve it since I’m very ambitious.”

West Ham has been tenacious in its efforts to retain their captain, even though Rice has been frequently connected to moves away from the London Stadium for several years.

The midfielder has never been reluctant to express his ambition to compete in the top European leagues and win championships. He has, however, only been able to play for West Ham in the Europa League.

Rice has played in 15 league games for the Hammers this year, but after a terrible start to the campaign, his team is currently 16th in the standings.

Rice has never sought to leave West Ham, so it is unclear whether the team will consider offers for their prized gem.

Declan Rice: England’s quality will be feared by other World Cup nations

Declan Rice thinks that as the World Cup prepares for the knockout stages, opposition nations will be aware of England’s caliber.

England will take on Senegal in the round of 16 on Sunday night after winning Group B.

The England team in Qatar, according to West Ham captain Rice, “I think it’s great, top level.”

“Knowing that you can bring players off the bench who can suddenly change the game is always excellent.”

“We have world-class players who can enter the game at any time and completely alter the course of events, whether we’re tied 0-0 and need to freshen up the front line, replace the legs in the middle of the field, or even at the back.”

“You will require such quality throughout a World Cup. Therefore, it is solid compared to other competing teams.”

“Why shouldn’t people fear us? Looking at our attacking players, you will see incredible, world-class talent throughout the team. Other countries would always consider the quality of our squad when they look at us.”

“Some athletes have participated in and won the most significant competitions. One of the largest teams here is us.”

“Therefore, the management is probably having trouble making a choice. I do not doubt that everyone will support the person he chooses.”

“Now, the focus is on a true team effort. You’ll need a full team to succeed in reaching the finish line. We’ll give the manager’s choice our full backing.”

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