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Cristiano Ronaldo defends the timing of his controversial interview: “I talk when I want to.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken to the media for the first time since shocking the world with his bombshell interview with Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo attacked Manchester United, Erik ten Hag, club members, and his former teammates in the interview.

Because of this, much of Portugal’s World Cup preparations have been overshadowed by the interview, with players being asked more questions about Ronaldo and his interview than about the impending competition.

Ronaldo is upset about this, and on Monday, he unexpectedly showed up at a press conference to voice his complaints.


Ronaldo on Piers Morgan Interview

“Timing is always timing. From your side, it is easy to look at how we can choose timings,” Ronaldo began.

“You write lies and truths at different times. I can stop worrying about what people may think. I speak whenever I want to.”

“Everyone is aware of who I am and what I stand for. I’ve known them here since I was 11 years old. Others won’t sway them to think and write about me.”

“Excellent conditions prevail, there are no issues, and we are concentrated. Please assist by not mentioning me. I’m iron-clad and bulletproof.”

Ronaldo on Fernandes and Cancelo

Ronaldo also spoke about suggestions that he and Bruno Fernandes, as well as he and Joao Cancelo, had shared awkward encounters since joining the national team.

“We were having fun; we have excellent relationships,” said Ronaldo. “I was being silly when I asked him if he had arrived by boat because his plane was running late.”

“Likewise with [Joao] Cancelo. During practice, he was depressed. Please wake up, come on, you can do this, I urged. Another dispute on your end.”

Portugal’s captain is increasingly irritated with the recent overabundance of media attention on him.

Ronaldo addresses the atmosphere in the Portugal camp

“The Seleço has a beautiful vibe. We are all fully invested in the Seleço, body, and soul. Our team is close-knit and aims to win the competition.”

“I’ll use this chance to beg you to refrain from only bringing up Cristiano in your queries at the upcoming press conferences. Please don’t bring me up; inquire about the World Cup and their hopes.”

“Talk about the competition. For instance, if someone asked me about Rafa [who recently announced his retirement from international football], I wouldn’t respond because that chapter is now finished.”

“Ask inquiries on the Seleço. Please carry out that.”


Ronaldo: If I don’t score a single goal & Portugal wins tournament, I will take that

When asked about equalling Eusébio’s record as Portugal’s highest goalscorer at World Cups. Ronaldo said, “I don’t hunt after records; they chase after me, as I’ve said previously, though it might come across as a little arrogant.”

“I’ve broken record after record over the past few years. I’m not losing sleep over it, but breaking Eusébio’s record would be unique.”

“If we win the tournament and I don’t score a single goal, I’ll take it. For me, it’s the most crucial thing. It is what the annuls will state. I promise on my children’s lives,” he said.

“I’d love to win this tournament, but I’d be content even if I didn’t win another trophy till the end of my career. I’m pleased with my accomplishments.”

Ronaldo: We have enormous potential

“Everything is relative. We have a lot of promise as a squad. We can only determine at the conclusion whether or not this is the best Seleço.”

“Whatever the outcome, We’ll see. The best generation is one that has a winning squad. This generation is excellent, young, and full of potential.”

“But we’ll remain composed and focus first on the game against Ghana, which is the most challenging. To build confidence, we must get off to a strong start.”

Portugal kicks off their campaign in Group H against Ghana on Thursday before taking on Uruguay on 28 November, ending the group with a match against South Korea on 2 December.

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