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Carlo Ancelotti speaks about defensive issues, Bale’s retirement, Gattuso and the importance of the Super cup

When Real Madrid and Valencia square off in the Spanish Super Cup semifinals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Real Madrid will be looking to go back on the winning track.

Ancelotti spoke with the media before Real Madrid’s match against Gennaro Gattuso’s team to discuss various issues, including what it means for Real Madrid to win the Super Cup.


Ancelotti on Real Madrid’s defensive issues

Following the Villarreal game, Ancelotti cited the defence as a major issue, and it was later reported that the Italian was not happy with Antonio Rudiger.

In his news conference before the Betis game, Ancelotti expressed confidence that things would improve.

“Training has shown positive indicators. Villarreal startled me in a big way. Since we don’t have time to work, we need to do things again and do them correctly.”

“This club has excellent defensive skills, and we have the required qualities up front, but it needs a stronger base to be effective.”

The Real Madrid manager was asked if his team might be experiencing mental fatigue following the World Cup, which may impair their motivation.

“I’m not aware of the athletes’ mental strain. What happened to Villarreal has affected us. The Super Cup is a crucial test.”

“I’m sure we shall witness a compact, solid block. Defence is not a quality problem but an attitude and sacrifice issue.”

Ancelotti: Winning the super Cup is important for us

When asked about the Super Cup, the manager said: “Trophies are significant to this club. Our confidence and zeal to battle increased when we won the Super Cup the previous year.”

“Let’s hope the same thing occurs this time. Because there are two games in a short period, we are tense coming into them. We need to work hard in practice, and aim to bring home another title.”

“With so many games and little downtime, the physical side’s planning takes less time than it used to. It requires a new approach to management.”

Ancelotti breaks down his relationship with Gennaro Gattuso

Gennaro Gattuso and Carlo Ancelotti will square off tomorrow for the first time since the latter began managing in Spain. The two Italians are highly familiar with one another because Gattuso was under Ancelotti’s management while he was at AC Milan.

“Because we won the Champions League, we experienced some wonderful moments. We have had personal issues, and the relationship hasn’t always been great, but I don’t want to discuss personal relationships.”

Like Andrea Pirlo and Clarence Seedorf, Gattuso is a member of Ancelotti’s Milan squad who transitioned into coaching after retiring from his playing career.

Ancelotti talked about the leadership philosophies these coaches have embraced, focusing notably on Gattuso.

“That squad produced several coaches, notably Sedoorf, Pirlo, Gattuso, and Nesta. Although I can’t claim they learnt much, it was nevertheless an experience.”

“Gattuso’s teams play with extreme intensity and have very distinct personalities. Everyone contributes their expertise to the team.”

Ancelotti on Bale retirement and Ronaldo’s move to Al Nassr

The enormous contract Cristiano Ronaldo signed to play in Saudi Arabia sent a flood of inquiries to the Madrid manager.

At a press conference before the game, Ancelotti defended the former Madrid player and argued that his acquisition was a significant development for local soccer.

For [Al Nassr], it’s a terrific signing, according to Ancelotti. “We send Cristiano our best wishes. He is regarded as a club legend.”

After Gareth Bale announced his retirement from football, Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti offered the Welshman tribute.

Ancelotti responded, “What goes for Cristiano, the same goes for Bale, who retired yesterday,” when asked about Bale’s retirement. “They will never leave the Madridistas’ hearts.”

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