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Carlo Ancelotti on Vinicius Jr. treatment: It is a problem of Spanish football & it must be resolved

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has frequently addressed Vinicius Junior’s controversies, but the Italian modified his tone on Tuesday to stand up for his Brazilian star.


Ancelotti on Vinicius Jr. treatment

Recently, the scandalous racial episodes that have followed Vinicius have run parallel to the on-field issues.

Vinicius’ abuse by defenders and lack of protection has made him increasingly enraged this season. He received ten fouls from Real Mallorca, along with racial epithets.

According to Carlo Ancelotti, Vinicius had nothing to do with the issues.

“This is the query I pose. Or his teammate, Vinicius? What must they defend themselves against? Although it appears that Vinicius is responsible for this issue, such is not the case.”

“It is a football issue in Spain. And I acknowledge that I am part of Spanish football, and it must be resolved. Vinicius is suffering because of something I don’t comprehend.”

Vinicius has been the victim of four racial incidents this season alone, and while Ancelotti has a point, it is not his fault. Spanish football needs to take action to address this issue as quickly as possible.

Vinicius Jr. is increasingly concerned by treatment this season

Vinicius Junior, a winger for Real Madrid, is rumored to be growing more anxious about the environment around him this season after yet another episode of racial taunts from supporters and violent treatment by rival players when Los Blancos lost to Mallorca.

He had already been subject to racist abuse by Ray Vallecano and Atletico Madrid supporters this season alone before kick-off in Palma on Sunday. But it happened once more.

In November 2021, another incident happened at Camp Nou. This time, the Brazilian was the focus of racial epithets.

La Liga stated that they will look into the most recent occurrence and deem it “intolerable.”

According to sources close to the Real Madrid squad, according to ESPN, Vinicius has been impacted by the prejudice he has experienced.

ESPN adds that Vinicius’ private complaints after the Mallorca game were more focused on a lack of protection from referee Alejandro Hernandez rather than the behavior of the opposition.

The issue is not new; around this same time last year, reports echoed Real’s worries about his treatment.

According to reports, Vinicius believes that referees and some Spanish media outlets are to blame for the “climate of tension” they have fostered around him. He is particularly upset that he has become the subject of media attention rather than those targeting him.

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