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Arteta speaks about Pep Guardiola, squad management, and Bukayo Saka

Mikel Arteta has spoken to the press ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League clash with Southampton on Sunday. Here is what he has to say.


Mikel Arteta opens up on Pep Guardiola relationship

Mikel Arteta has experience dealing with life at the top of the league thanks to his time spent as Pep Guardiola’s right-hand man at Manchester City.

Alongside Guardiola, the 40-year-old worked at the Etihad for three years, during which Manchester City won two Premier League championships. 

While the Spaniard, who is in his first job as a frontline manager, has had to settle for Arsenal finishing eighth twice and fifth, their lofty position this time around is hardly unknown ground for their manager.

“I learned much about being at the top from Pep,” Arteta remarked. “The club’s expectations include not just winning every three days but winning in a specific style and simultaneously being exceedingly demanding, critical, and supportive.” 

“It was amazing to be a part of that team and see it develop and come together. I will always be appreciative.” 

The top two teams in the nation’s managers are still in close contact. 

“We won’t be discussing team-related issues,” Arteta continued: “We can still chat about football as we have in the past, and that won’t change.”

Arteta admits worries over squad management amid World Cup

Because the World Cup occurs in the middle of the season, Arteta is unsure how to handle his team’s players for the campaign’s duration.

Arteta told Arsenal Media that “it will rely on many circumstances, including how the players perform. The injuries we have, and what happens at the World Cup.” 

“There are a lot of question marks that we don’t have the answers to. We want the necessary resources to carry on as we are at the moment, but as you pointed out, a World Cup like this has never occurred. To achieve the desired results, we must all go through it.”

Mikel Arteta says they’re pushing Bukayo Saka to a different level

Before their Premier League match against Southampton, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta stated that the team is pushing Bukayo Saka to a new level.

Arteta added, “He has some significant individuals in his life, and I think there are some important influences as well. Then there is everyone at the club who tries to protect him and challenge and push him to reach a different level.”

According to the Spanish coach, Saka has a very supportive atmosphere that aids in his growth.

“With his family, the people around him, and how he was nurtured,” Arteta continued, “I think he has a pretty powerful atmosphere surrounding him.”

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