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HomeNewsArsene Wenger suggests Germany's political demonstrations led to their early exit

Arsene Wenger suggests Germany’s political demonstrations led to their early exit

Arsene Wenger thinks that Germany’s early elimination from the World Cup in Qatar was caused by their “political demonstrations.”

Germany ended in a tie for second place with Spain in Group E with four points. Still, they had a poorer goal differential, making it impossible for them to advance.

Moments before their tournament-opening match against Japan, which they ultimately lost 2-1, Germany’s players staged a protest on the field by covering their lips in protest of FIFA’s decision to forbid wearing OneLove armbands.

Wenger also claims that Germany’s decision to protest in Qatar took their attention away from playing well in games.


Wenger on Germany’s early exit

Arsenal legend Wenger has now suggested that Germany was not “mentally ready” for the competition as they were instead focused on “political demonstrations”.

Wenger said: “I would just add that the teams who were not disappointing with their first-game performance — when you go to the World Cup, you know you must not lose the first game.”

“The teams who have experience have resulted in previous tournaments like France, England, Brazil — they played well in the first game.”

“And the mentally prepared teams had the attitude to concentrate on the competition rather than political demonstrations.”

However, despite being in a tough group containing France, Tunisia, and Denmark, Australia, who made a video before the competition in which its players criticised Qatar’s human rights record, did manage to get to the final 16.

Wenger: Southgate is in an excellent situation to deliver success with England

After failing at previous competitions, Wenger thinks Southgate is “in an excellent position to deliver” victory with England.

Wenger felt England was one of the teams that “has not been visually consistent.”

“England was outstanding in the first game, they struggled against the States in the second game. But they came back when they were needed to give a convincing performance against Wales.”

“The ups and downs have been significant. All of the major nations have been satisfied in this way.”

“England has made a lot of progress. They participated in the World Cup’s last four and the Euros’ final two. England appears to be a team at its top to perform, in contrast to Belgium, which has passed its prime.”

“It is still a young team, but it has learnt a lot. Being incredibly clever, Gareth Southgate can analyse games and his coaching performances in-depth.”

“He is just like the group. He has used the lessons he’s learnt from the World Cup and the European Championship and is in a solid position to perform. The two favourites, England and France, might face off if everything goes according to plan.”

Wenger highlights the importance of good wingers to win the World Cup

Wenger has emphasised the value of strong wingers among the remaining teams and how they might play a significant role in deciding which team takes home the World Cup.

“The World Cup is more likely to be won by the teams with better wingers. The wingers are crucial; you need to convince these players to use that part of the field. French is one of them. It will remain hazardous till the very end.”

Despite the criticism of the World Cup’s hosting in Qatar, Wenger was eager to highlight how successful the tournament had been.

“Despite all the negative press we have heard, there is much interest in this World Cup. Additionally, those in Qatar are the nicest stadiums I’ve ever seen in terms of architecture.”

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