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Antonio Conte: Arsenal could win the league, but the big test starts Now

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte acknowledges that Arsenal has a “fantastic possibility” to win the Premier League this year. Still, he cautioned that the leaders are facing their biggest test.


Conte on Arsenal’s title hopes

On Sunday, Tottenham will play host to a North London rival to increase their chances of finishing in the top four, while Mikel Arteta’s club will try to maintain a healthy lead at the top.

“The impression of your opponents completely changes when you are at the top of the league,” according to Conte, “since, at that point, your team is the greatest in the league. Because of this, everyone tries to defeat you.”

“They must demonstrate that they can handle this kind of crisis. It always came down to (Manchester) City, Chelsea, and Liverpool in the last ten years. Maybe Leicester.”

“Arsenal must undoubtedly deal with the fact that they are the current favorites to win the league because they are at the top of the standings.”

“They are doing great, in my opinion. They now need to demonstrate that they can remain there through the season’s end.”

“Arsenal now has a fantastic opportunity. They have been working on a project for a long time. They spent money to do that and sent several players packing while also bringing in many players.”

“Arsenal must now demonstrate that they can hold that position through the end of the season because, despite what I’m sure, Manchester City will believe that they have a legitimate chance of winning (the title) once more.”

“Especially given that Liverpool has already suffered significant point losses. Chelsea and (Manchester) United are similarly affected. Arsenal and Manchester City will face off.”

Antonio Conte on Arsenal FA charges: I hate people who intimidate officials

Antonio Conte, the head coach of Tottenham Hotspur, has stated that he “hates people” who “intimidate” match officials on purpose because it is “not fair.”

On Friday, Conte posed a question about his concerns regarding Arsenal following their recent charges for failing to maintain control of their players in games against Newcastle and Watford.

“No (concerns), but I want (to see) the respect is always at the top in a big game like this,” he remarked.

“Because I know how tough it is to make decisions as a referee, you should always treat the referee with respect.”

“I believe it is unfair to intimidate or foster a hostile environment. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this. I wouldn’t say I like those who attempt it. Never forget that we are always discussing a football game.”

“Sometimes, it occurs in the heat of the moment. When we scored against Sporting Lisbon in the 95th minute, we waited five minutes for the VAR verdict.”

“Despite my genuine anger, the referee has always respected me. ‘Don’t forget this is football, a beautiful sport, and we have to respect one other,’ he said after sending me away when I entered the playing field.”

Conte: Kulusevski ready to return from injury

An update on Dejan Kulusevski, Richarlison, and Rodrigo Bentancur has been provided by manager Antonio Conte ahead of Sunday’s match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

“The news is for sure the situation is going to improve, especially for Kulusevski,” he remarked during his pre-game press conference.

“Both Richy and Rodrigo’s situations are getting better. Kulusevski just participated in training with us. He’ll be prepared to play.”

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